Call for Submissions for Next Issue

Belief / Disbelief / Unbelief


Fifth Estate # 382, Spring, 2010

Belief systems–cognitive constructions–determine our perception of reality which can chain us to old ideas or free us with visions that go beyond dominant paradigms. The entire modern era has been one of contestation as to which belief systems will rule in societies–ones that link us to submission and acquiescence to hierarchal authority or those which rebel against them.

We are interested in essays which treat the question of belief from a conceptual and theoretical perspective as well as anecdotes about one’s own transformation from accepting dominant beliefs to ones of resistance and rebellion. As an example, we would like to revisit the ideas of Wilhelm Reich and encourage a proposal for one.

We will print a number of small, personalistic essays, 300-400 words maximum, on how and why readers rejected mainstream ideas for those of anarchism, atheism, pacifism, etc.

Please submit manuscripts for short pieces and proposals for longer essays, along with graphics and photographs to:  fe – at – fifthestate – dot – org or POB 201016, Ferndale MI 48220. All formats accepted, including non-mechanical.

Deadline: March 1
Publication date: April 1