Anarchist Publications

The Raging Pelican, A Journal of Gulf Coast Resistance; The Anvil Review; Psychic Swamp #1


Fifth Estate # 385, Fall, 2011

Three new ones: The Raging Pelican; The Anvil Review; Psychic Swamp #1

The Raging Pelican, A Journal of Gulf Coast Resistance, published by a group of “blue collar New Orleans residents,” who are understandably pissed about what’s been done to their piece of planet. Their first issue came out in the weeks following the BP oil spill and they’ve broadened their focus to include a whole range of the worst abuses of cops, bureaucrats, politicians, and principals. Reach them at and on Facebook.

The Anvil Review, which describes itself as “not a review site of detached observers but of people utterly engaged in the tensions of our times with our bodies, our minds, and each other.” Their second issue is a collection of reviews about popular culture, literature, and radical material. Their inaugural edition contains such a wide array of interesting essays that it takes their 11-page web site to list them all. Visit where you can subscribe or order a copy.

Psychic Swamp #1: The Surre(region)al Review is another offering from the fertile Mississippi River Delta edited by Max Cafard and Hieronymous Fisch with the design work of Rousseau Lianaxit designing an extraordinarily attractive on-line magazine. Cafard’s essay, “Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy and Ideology in Avatar,” comprising the magazine’s entire text. See it at

Oystercatcher #8, comes roaring off little Denman Island, British Columbia, and the keyboards of Ron Sakolsky and friends. The well designed mag mixes surrealist imagination and indignation, with ecological sensitivity, and a sense of place. Write them c/o A-4062 Wren Road, Denman Island, BC, Canada V0R 1T0 or gtdenman — at —

When you first pick up Slingshot, you may think you’re reading an archive underground tabloid from the 1960s. The layout is done manually using hand-drawn headlines with funky graphics and use of color. Although the staff gives recognition to its Berkeley roots, its content–news articles and editorials–reflect current resistance to oppression and empire. They also publish the Organizer datebook. POB 3051, Berkeley CA 94703.