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Exciting times for Fifth Estate


Fifth Estate # 387, Summer, 2012

At a time when everyone is declaring the death of print media, our magazine, now in its 47th year, is not only alive, but prospering. We have many new subscribers, new staff, more renewals, increased newsstand sales, and an exciting new look. We ran out of our last issue on Revolution and are increasing our press run for this edition.

This issue’s Anarchist Summer Reading theme has the objective of engaging a world in revolt, equiped with ideas and information. Our contents are a panorama of on the street, in your face demonstrations, as well as essays and reports that make our engagement mindful in both thought and action. Please enjoy the issue and let us know what you think, or what we’ve missed.

This magazine could never appear without subscriptions from readers, our generous contributors, numerous volunteers who edit and proofread, and our incredible writers, artists, and photographers. The old world is in crisis; let’s push it into the waste bin of history and be ready to create one we want and deserve.

As critical as we are of the gadgets of this era, they have allowed us to publish with collaborators from all over North America, especially Detroit, Hartford, Toronto, Montreal, and Savannah, Georgia. The latter city is home to Zach Kozdron, who has created our new design. More of his work is at

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The Fifth Estate is a cooperative, not-for-profit, anti-authoritarian project published since 1965 by a volunteer collective of friends and comrades.

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Cover art by Joey Salmon. Salmon is a Michigan-raised artist who is mostly known for his meticulous paper-based collages. He has contributed artwork to a wide range of organizations including the NORML Foundation, Naukabout Music Festival, and Adeline Records.