Occupy the Future

It's us or them. For almost all of state society, except for a few precious moments, it's been them.


Fifth Estate # 387, Summer, 2012

They’ve wrecked the earth, destroyed her treasures, and inflicted misery on the many, all so they can golf or set up their lawn chairs on some clear cut forest. It’s over whether we do anything or not, but if we fail to act, the future will metastasize into the wreckage colonization always leaves in its collapse.

The colonization of the world, marked by our domestication to the culture of the state and capitalism, creates the insidious belief there is no alternative to what currently exists. In a few months, however, millions across the world have learned by direct experience that this is a lie from which only the rulers benefit. They’ve had their four millennium run; it’s our turn now.

Our revolt is world-wide, from Egypt to China, Greece to Oakland, California. Some of it still holds illusions about reform, but the masters don’t; they know what’s at stake. Thousands have been killed across the world fighting tyrannical governments. Tens of thousands have been arrested. In the U.S. alone, over 7,000 people have been arrested in Occupy actions.

The rulers know it’s a fight for who will define the future. It’s time we do as well.

The essays which follow examine different pieces of the American Occupy experience. Our movement is so diverse that each article makes no pretensions other than to examine the subject under discussion. Everything is still wide open, and that’s what scares the masters so much.