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Fifth Estate # 388, Winter, 2013

FE press pass, Woodstock music festival, 1969Woodstock Music Festival, 1969. The Fifth Estate was in its fourth year of publication and was part of the counter-culture music scene as much as the anti-war and resistance movements of the times. The festival gave the then-tabloid paper press passes and bought a full-page ad.

On the Cover

Stephen Goodfellow’s art once again graces our front page as it has in numerous previous issues. The Non Serviam ball is also his creation. See

Magazine design: Zach Kozdron


FIFTH ESTATE #388, Winter, 2013, Vol. 47, No. 3

5 Anarchism and Violence or State Violence?

7 Propaganda of the Deed

8 Taking it OFF the streets! From Ritual to Resistance

10 John Zerzan in London

11 Vietnam: Gucci Meets Revolution

13 Art in Support of Prisoners

14 Grand jury targets anarchists

16 Life in the Body Dump: Kelly Pflug-Back from prison

18 Operation 8: Terror Down Under

20 Cleveland 4: Invented crime claims victims

21 Drones: Death by Spreadsheet

22 The Sea

25 – 42 Special Section on Anarchism & Education

25 What Do We Learn in School

27 A Short History of Schools

28 Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools

30 Quebec student strike

31 The Orchestra

33 Unschooling & Free Schools

34 Nola Free School Network

36 Mexico: The Realities of Tourism

37 Occupying the Citadels of the Mind

41 Toronto’s Free School

43 – 46 Reviews

43 William Gibson by Paul J. Comeau

44 WWAD What Would Anarchists Do?

45 Miranda Mellis by Penelope Rosemont

46 Food Not Bombs by Dave Not Bombs