Second Edition of Ron Sakolsky’s Creating Anarchy Published


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

Ardent Press in Berkeley, California is publishing a second edition of Ron Sakolsky’s Creating Anarchy. Originally issued in 2005 by the Fifth Estate as a one-off publication, the book is a dynamic collage of ideas, images, and action–ranging widely from May Day to utopia, from refusal to autonomy, and from insurrection to imagination.

The resulting volume is, in turn, defiant, reflective, and playful–a brick for hurling through the windows of despair and a doorway to creating an anarchy that is not afraid to dream.

Several of Ron’s articles in the original edition were previously published in the Fifth Estate. The new edition includes his “Occupying The Citadels of the Mind,” from the Winter 2013 FE Education issue, as well as an autobiographical interview piece, “My Life in the Academic Gulag”, along with a new introduction by the author and cover by surrealist and FE contributor, Penelope Rosemont. Order from