Highland Park Draft Center Wins Victory


Fifth Estate # 39, October 1-15, 1967

The Draft Resistance Committee has pulled off a minor victory in an attempt to stop some of the harassment directed at it by landlords, vigilantes, and the City of Highland Park. (See Fifth Estate, Sept. 15-30).

On Sept. 22, the Committee brought their landlord, Tom Jewell into the Circuit Court room of Judge Carl Weideman in an attempt to keep Jewell out of the groups storefront headquarters at 12820 Hamilton. Jewell had entered the building several times and had torn down signs and done other damage.

During the hearing Judge Weideman seemed more concerned with the political affiliation of the Committee and the Neighborhood Legal Services lawyer, Dennis James, who was representing the group.

Finally, an agreement was worked out between Jewell and the draft resisters whereby the group would give up its headquarters by Oct. 19 and the landlord would agree to keep out until that date.

“We see this as an important victory,” said Wheeler, “but we still have to deal with other forms of harassment and continue with our main purpose—organizing a draft resistance movement in Highland Park.”