Serve Your Country: Don’t Go to Vietnam

War Resisters League ad


Fifth Estate # 39, October 1-15, 1967

If your government is waging a criminal war do you serve the country best by cooperating?

Who served Germany best under Hitler? Those who obeyed orders and helped kill the Jews? Or the handful of Germans who chose prison and even death rather than cooperate?

Who upheld Russian honor in 1956? Those who obeyed orders, marched into Hungary, and shot down students and workers—or those troops who refused to fire?

Who serves America best today?

This nation wasn’t built on “consensus” or “obedience” to the State. It was built by heretical Baptists, irresponsible Quakers, headstrong Puritans, freedom-loving slaves, stubborn abolitionists—by people who believed they should obey their conscience rather than the State.

Serve your country. Reaffirm the power of the individual conscience against the State. The war in Vietnam is a crime. Do not cooperate.

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