Green Scare Prisoner remains in Worst Fed Prison

Campaigners in high gear to Move Marie Mason!


Fifth Estate # 390, Fall, 2013

An international campaign demanding that imprisoned environmental activist, Marie Mason, be transferred from the repressive, high-security Carswell federal prison at Fort Worth, Texas, to a minimum security unit close to her family and friends, is in high gear.

Actions include a world-wide letter writing effort addressed to the U.S. federal Bureau of Prisons, legal action, and increased distribution of information about her case.

Mason was sentenced in 2009 to almost 22 years in prison for non-violent eco-sabotage for the arson of a genetically modified organism (GMO) research lab and the monkeywrenching of logging equipment. Her sentence, the longest ever given for environmental direct action, is part of a larger crackdown by the FBI on environmental activists.

Through the Green Scare, the government targets environmentalists for their politics utilizing tactics of entrapment, the spread of disinformation by paid informants, media smear campaigns, trumped up charges, and harsh prison terms.

Other recent events in support of Marie included the third annual June 11th international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long term anarchist prisoners which saw actions and fundraisers across the globe. Thousands of dollars were raised to be split between Marie and Eric support groups.

Support Marie Mason organizers have produced several brochures and handouts that can be downloaded and printed from Marie’s web site. Visit Brochures can be mailed to people for distro at local events or brought to appropriate locations.

Marie’s supporters stress that their efforts are not aimed only at getting justice for Marie who has been punitively assigned to the federal women’s prison system’s worst unit.

Rather, they are highlighting the continued attacks on the environmental movement, the appalling conditions in Carswell and other high security prisons, and the use of isolation and long-term solitary confinement against prisoners.

One function of facilities like Carswell, supermaxes, and long-term isolation, is to break the spirit of prisoners. Although Marie is in a highly restricted facility that allows her feet never to touch anything other than concrete and to view the sky only through wire mesh, she remains unbroken and uses the enforced isolation to learn and create.

She is learning languages, writing poetry, painting, and maintaining communications with supporters and environmental movements all over the world. Her painting are extraordinary, many of which are displayed on her support site.

Marie also continues to write and play music. Songs from her album, “No Profit,” are available on Soundcloud at She also recently composed, “Blood and Ivory,” which can be found at The support group says, “Play it, record it, remix it, and then share it with the Free Marie Committee!”

There are many ways you can help Marie, by joining the Free Marie Network and bringing attention to her plight, by letter writing, fund raising, benefit dinners and shows, and donations. Support actions are listed at her web site and at You can join the Free Marie Network at movemarie – AT – riseup – DOT – net.