Mutual Aid Saves Fifth Estate


Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 - Anarchy!

We came close to a disaster during preparation of this edition, but due to the incredible mutual aid offered by readers and supporters, we have come out stronger than ever. We were very close to our publication deadline when our computer crashed! We could have lost all of our work, plus, we needed to spend almost a thousand dollars on a new machine.

We sent out an email blast to our list about the situation and readers and supporters responded exceedingly generously with donations, further offers of technical assistance, and subscription renewals, all made in the spirit of mutual aid.

Fortunately, all of our data was backed up so we lost only several weeks time while good friends helped reinstall everything on our new machine.

If it hadn’t been for this support, it could have been the end of our almost 50-year-old publication. Thanks to all of you who helped, and the issue you are holding is our part of the circle.