Questions & Guidelines for Responses on Sex Work Article


Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 - Anarchy!

On Page 4, Aaron Lakoff begins a discussion bearing further conversation. Letters limit: 250 words; ideas for essays should be submitted.  See our contact info here.

Things to consider which will expand the discussion:

Can sex work be contained within capitalist wage work as solely another job category or does the nature of it deserve special definition and analysis?

Does the fact that all labor is sold under capitalism mean that all work, including sex work, is alienated and hence a special critique is unnecessary?

Should sex work be separated into categories so sexual contact work receives different critiques than that which doesn’t, i.e., dancers, topless waitresses?

Can there be liberation if the body is being commodified and an object for men to purchase?

How can sex work be abolished when sexual misery prevails?

What is the class nature of sex work? Most women and children are either poor or working class.

Should anarchists support any intervention of the state to limit sex work, i.e., criminalizing clients?

Sex work is a high risk industry. How do we deal with sex trafficking, child exploitation, and the immense level of violence in it?

Since much of sex work is illegal, it is the third largest source of revenue for organized crime. How can this be dealt with?

What is the relationship of the sex trade to male domination?