Anarchy in Books

A sampling of the fine books we receive


Fifth Estate # 393, Spring 2015

Who’s Afraid of The Black Blocs?: Anarchy in Action Around the World, Francis Dupuis-Deri, 2013, PM Press

The Watcher, Nicholas P. Oakley, 2014, See Sharp Press, (Sci-fi)

The End of the World As We Know it?: Crisis, Resistance, & the Age of Austerity, edited by Deric Shannon, 2014, AK press,

Order Without Power: An Introduction to Anarchism, 2013, Seven Stories Press,

The Wild & The Free: Shane, Rousseau, Hippies, Donal McGraith, 2013, Charivari Press,

The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance & The Origins of the United States of America, Gerald Horne, NYU Press,

Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed, James C. Scott, 2009, Yale University Press,


Modern Slavery, #3,

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed;