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Fifth Estate # 393, Spring 2015

Fifth Estate, #393, Spring 2015, Vol. 50, No. 1

2 Letters

4 Anarchy in Kurdistan
Bill Weinberg

7 Eric McDavid Freed!
FE Staff

8 Armed Madhouse
Bryan Tucker

9 Justice for Franco Fascists?
David Porter

11 Sam Mbah Dies
Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

12 Florida’s Burnpile Press
Matt Keene

13 An Anarchist in Berlin
Rachael Stoeve

15 Society of the Spectacle
John Clark

18 Debt
Alex Knight

20 FE History: God Gets Pied
FE Staff

21 Protester Cell Phone Guide
Electronic Freedom Foundation

23 Autarky in Scotland

Anti-Marx Section 24-40

Peter Werbe

The Myth of the Party
Murray Bookchin

Throwing Marx Out
Kevin O’Toole

Joseph Winogrond

The Practical Marx
John Zerzan

Marx Forgot Women
David Adams

36 Under the wall – Poetry
Lily So-Too

37 The Fall of Ekset City – Fiction
Margaret Killjoy

40 The Clash & Fifth Estate
Bill Blank

41 Live TV or Die
Andrew Smith

43 Riots & Black Block

45 The FE in Shorts
FE Staff

The Fifth Estate is an anti-profit, anarchist project published by a volunteer collective of friends and comrades.

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This issue begins our 50th year of publishing a radical journal with a demolition of the theories of Marx. Plans are currently under discussion for a celebration in Detroit later in the year. We’ll keep you informed in subsequent issues and on our social media as a program develops and a date is set.

We should all be proud to have kept this magazine going with its unique voice of revolution when so many others have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. And, the “we” here includes not just the people who have produced it over the past half century, but those of you who are readers and supporters as well.

The future for this publication seems as bright as it has in a long time as movements of resistance and contestation continue to grow. And, our circulation expands even though print media is routinely pronounced as a curio from another era.

From its origins in 1965, the staff has always practiced engaged journalism, and will continue to be part of a grand refusal of submission, and at the same time hold up a vision of a different world not dominated by the state and capital.

Thanks to all who have made this anniversary possible.

COVER: Mabel Norman, in “A Noise from the Deep,” 1913

Cover design: Quincy B. Thorn