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The FE at 50


Fifth Estate # 395, Winter 2016 - 50th Anniversary

Just so readers don’t think all of the celebration around the 50th anniversary of publishing has brought forth a bout of hubris in us, let us be clear. Those of us working on the Fifth Estate today know this publication couldn’t have lasted this long without connection to a vibrant tradition and social solidarity from contemporary comrades.

We are proud to be carrying on the tradition begun several generations ago by anarchists, and feel their spirit and dedication to a new world in all of our efforts. And you too are important to this project, even if you are looking at this magazine for the first time.

We aren’t leaders, nor spokespeople for anarchism, but inheritors of its ideas and passion. The “we” is you as well as us, since reading The Fifth Estate puts you in that lineage as well.

And, we are continuing only because of you. With print being so cost-intensive, a readership that supports a publication is required. Your subscriptions and donations are what make it possible to continue.

Plus, going through our historic issues to prepare for our museum exhibits and still having access to half century old accounts of radical activity reminds us of the value of maintaining the publication in its printed form.

Some of us are young enough to be around for our 100th anniversary. Start planning!

Fifth Estate
Radical Publishing since 1965

Vol. 50, No. 3, #395 Winter 2016

The Fifth Estate is an anti-profit, anarchist project published by a volunteer collective of friends and comrades.

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