Shopping List for My Newborn Girl


Fifth Estate # 396, Summer, 2016


Blusher, Shadow
Liner; Stick-on lashes
Anti-perspirant; Perfume
Body spray, Deodorant; Facelift
Tummy tuck, Magic knickers;
Padded bra, Corset
Silicone implants;
Waxed legs
Shaved armpits
Plucked eyebrows
A Brazilian; Detox, Diet
Diet, Diet; Teeth whitening
Anal bleaching, Liposuction;
Colonic irrigation, Pedicure
Manicure; Laser hair removal;
Cosmetic gynecology

How long should
We leave it
Before telling her
She mustn’t
Be perfect
After all?

Jessamine O’Connor lives in the west of Ireland, where she is the self appointed dictator of The Hermit Collective, and The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Writer’s Group. She is Featured Poet International for Muse-Pie Press, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her three poetry chapbooks, Hellsteeth, A Skyful Of Kites, and Snowbird, are available from and

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