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Fifth Estate # 398, Summer, 2017

We took on the theme of Revolution, Revolts, Riots, and Rebellions even before the candidates were chosen by the major parties for the US election.

As we say in these pages, social explosions are generated by the oppressive nature of the state itself, and of the economies it has always protected—from early slave society, through feudalism, and into capitalism.

The importance of the anarchist perspective, what our Italian and Spanish comrades have called, The Ideal, is to give shape to what is inchoate; that there must be a new world in our hearts that goes beyond an expression of rage to creating a matrix for true freedom.

Here you will find articles that address those ideas and concerns in a number of ways, and we welcome your responses in letters to the editors.

This issue follows our Winter 2017 edition. We hope you find the articles as engaging as we did while editing them. Thank you to everyone who participated in the writing, editing, and production, and to our readers, subscribers, and Sustainers.

New subscribers and subscription renewals are at an all time high reflecting the times in which we live, and the engagement with the ideas that can animate the revolutionary movement in which we are involved.