Remember when

you were the only one on your block opposed to the war?


Fifth Estate # 40, October 15-31, 1967

There used to be a big debate within the peace movement about whether or not to call for immediate withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Some thought this was too radical a demand and one that would find no acceptance with the American public.

Even today there is an organization called Negotiations Now! which considers immediate withdrawal to be an untenable position even though they are opposed to the war.

The dispute might best be posed in the terms that Stokely Carmichael once set it. He asked, if you were watching a man rape your mother, sister, or wife, would you ask for negotiations or immediate withdrawal?

It seems that even such traditionally conservative groups as the Young Republicans have come around to this position. The Wayne University Republican Club voted unanimously (!) for a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Vietnam at their meeting on October 10.

The meeting was not stacked and only club members voted. The resolution was introduced by former club chairman David Christiansen.