Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival 2018


Fifth Estate # 400, Spring, 2018

The 13th annual Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival (MIATF), May 22-24 will present an eclectic program of international acts. The only such event in the world, it will feature theatre written by anarchists, about anarchists, or plays that reflect anarchist values. They challenge authority, racism, the Patriarchy, capitalism, treat some form of social injustice, and they may offer anarchist alternatives. Some troupes are professional; others amateur. Some present in English; others in French.

This year acts are coming from Italy, France and the US.

This year the MIATF hosts a combination conference on anarchist theatre and a closing party with live music at the city’s Casa del Popolo.

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The MIATF is part of Montreal’s annual Festival of Anarchy held each May. It starts with an anti-capitalist May Day demonstration, and includes anarchist film nights, discussions, book launches, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair and the theatre festival. Info at