What are you reading this summer?

Section intro: Here are some suggestions among the many books available we found interesting


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

We put great emphasis on the phrase “the many books available” in our headline since the extent of titles that reflect the anarchist world view are so numerous that even if we were to publish a regularly appearing Anarchist Review of Books, it is doubtful if we could come close to noting them all.

There are many publishers of specifically anarchist literature, but as is mentioned in our article on anarchist fiction in this issue, the desire for freedom without the constraints of the bureaucratic administration of life, and the repression, exploitation, and discrimination inherent in capitalist society, expresses itself in literature internationally.

In a system based on lies, it is of extreme importance to keep alive the anarchist tradition of refusing the world as is, saying no to the false leftist oppositions to capitalism and the state, and put forth an anti-authoritarian vision of the future that we struggle to create.

As in all aspects of our movement and its work, we value autonomy, so we support particularly anarchist publishers and info shops, but also those independent and small concerns that are community oriented. All are extremely important for maintaining the voices and ideas that are excluded from corporate publishing.

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