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Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

The theme for this issue, Anything Can Happen, originated as the title of a 1968 Fredy Perlman essay at a time when everything did, indeed, seem possible. The ebullience of that era, in which many believed revolution was on the horizon has faded, but the engagement of activist projects in confronting the worst abuses of the system continue apace.

Is anything beyond what are mostly efforts of self-defense of people and the land still possible? Given the recent slide into political reaction and the dire warnings of environmental catastrophe, we better make something happen. And, soon.

What we do or refuse to do right now has a critical character to it. The future can either be a chasm or an open door. Anything still can happen.

Thanks to Everyone

In the midst of feeling like we are on a razor’s edge, the Fifth Estate continues to expand thanks to our subscribers, donors, and retail outlets. As usual, there are too many people whose hand has touched this issue to thank individually, but we express our gratitude to all.

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Vol. 53, No. 3, #402 Winter 2019

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