Philippines comrades skilling up for the long haul


Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

Members of Feral Crust group, Marilog Davao (Southern Mindanao) sharing food at a community gathering.Members of Feral Crust, a small DIY ecologically-minded anarchist collective in the mountains of Marilog Davao (Southern Mindanao), Philippines are developing a rural community based on balance with the surrounding environment and social solidarity. Their community is located in a forest home to wildlife and indigenous people.

They are learning traditional skills necessary for building places to live, making things necessary for daily life away from modern consumer society, practicing permaculture and other methods for obtaining food from their surrounding environment. They are also building a space for skill-sharing, anarchistic learning and teaching and community events.

In the long term, they want to engage in cooperative work with local people—and others further afield—to improve intercultural understanding and solidarity.

The Feral Crust group is seeking donations, even small amounts, to pay for needed items they can’t easily make themselves. They also appreciate donations of English language anarchist/anti-authoritarian books and zines, which they intend to share and translate into local languages for distribution.

For more information, visit their blog at or; email