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Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

There is no phrase that is more threatening to those in positions of power at any level of society than that of our theme, “I will not obey!” From the shop floor to the highest echelons of the state, the rulers depend on that short sentence not being uttered or, worse, acted upon, and in their worst nightmare, taken up by multitudes of us.

As the Fifth Estate has done in its more than half century of publishing, we continue to advocate and participate in what the headline of this issue states—indiscipline, resistance, and revolt. We will not obey!

Thanks To All Who Made This Issue Possible

This would include dozens of active participants who produced this issue including writers, artists, and photographers, but also those who did editing, designing, and proofreading. When we include subscribers, distributors (info shops, free distro, and bookstores), and readers, the numbers reach into the thousands.

We may be at a period in which it is the last chance for a social and environmental renewal. We continue, with your support, to be a small part of the effort for revolutionary change.

About The Cover

The cover art for this issue was created by David Lester. His graphic novel, 1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike, is available from AK Press in the U.S. and Between The Lines in Canada.

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Vol. 54, No. 1, #403, Spring 2019

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