Anarchist Netflix?

Tired of over-produced and vacuous Hollywood garbage doled out nightly by Netflix?


Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

Don’t worry, the Anarchist Film Archive has got you covered. A project of anarchist publisher Christie Books, the archive has over 1000 titles ready to be streamed from the comfort of your squat.

While all the films are not anarchist, this impressive collection includes documentaries from the likes of Adam Curtis, many rare films about the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, Noam Chomsky talks, lots of mainstream films with liberatory themes, and even some subMedia videos.

The archive is easy to search by title and category. And, who better to curate this archive, than none other than the man who spent time in prison for plotting to kill Franco, the Spanish dictator?

Publisher and activist Stuart Christie’s alleged exploits with the Angry Brigade and foiled plot against Franco are chronicled in a memoir, Granny Made Me an Anarchist, available from AK Press

Check out the Anarchist Film Archive at

The entire web site is a trove of anarchist media.