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Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

AnarchySF is an online archive of the intersection between anarchy and science fiction. It’s an open-source repository of anarchist or anarchy-adjacent science fiction. Visit at

It features books, movies, and other media which are either anarchist in their politics or of interest to anarchists.

The archive was first collected and organized by Ben Beck, who gathered and maintained it for the better part of three decades. As of 2019, it was redesigned and re-built by Eden Kupermintz and Yanai Sened as a collaborative effort.

Even though the archive is revamped, its basic mission remains much the same. In Beck’s description, “Science fiction is inescapably the most suitable genre for speculation about an anarchist or libertarian (left or right) future, and utopian fiction is itself sometimes seen as a sub-genre of science fiction. As such, science fiction has long been attractive to anarchist readers.”

As a gauge of anarchist interest in science fiction, the Fifth Estate posted an announcement of anarchySF on our Facebook page. If a post receives 500 or more reaches, this demonstrates interest in the subject. This one has gotten almost 6,000 so far! That’s more than double for any post we’ve ever had.