Resources for Prisoners & Supporters


Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

National Jericho Movement: PO Box 2164, Chesterfield VA 23832.

New York City Anarchist Black Cross (NYC ABC): PO Box 110034, Brooklyn, New York 11211.

Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross: Focuses on solidarity with prison rebels, anarchist prisoners, and prisoners of other liberatory social movements. A books to prisoner project and huge number of links to other prison projects.

Perilous: Prisoner unrest from 2010-present. Tracks prison uprisings, riots, protests, strikes, and other disturbances within public and private jails, prisons, and detention centers in the U.S. and Canada.

Prison Legal News: Prisoner information and resources. P.O. Box 1151, 1013 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth FL 33460.

Stop Prison Profiteering: Challenges companies ripping off prisoners and their families on basic services.

Fight Toxic Prisons: Organizing, advocacy, and direct action to challenge the prison system that puts prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, and impacts surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee: Prisoner-led section of the Industrial Workers of the World ( campaigns to end prison slavery.

Fire Ant: Quarterly publication focused on anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity. Download at or write PO Box 164, Harmony ME 04942.


See “Organizing for Solidarity with Locked Down Comrades” in this issue.