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Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019

Image of past Fifth Estate coversSome readers have wondered why a print publication with such a strong, longtime criticism of modern technology would bother with a website.

We are certainly not counting on it for building the social cooperation and solidarity we so desperately need to go beyond the current doomsday destination of modern societies. For this it will be necessary to create and nurture the direct bonds between living beings so vital for re-enchanting the world.

The Fifth Estate as a project has been and continues to be dedicated to providing written texts and graphics to help inspire conversations and physical activities to foster anarchistic bonds.

The website is an extension of this goal. The priority is sharing texts with people in many parts of the world, those who do not otherwise have access to the FE’s old or new issues.

This also includes those with print limitations, which include people with reading limitations such as dyslexia, those with visual impairments who use text to speech screen readers and screen magnification programs, and those with allergies to paper and ink.

People with such challenges live in all parts of the world.

There are now over three thousand articles from more than 130 issues posted on the site. Look for the Archive link in the menu bar at the top of all pages. Articles from back issues can be found, grouped by the issue in which they were published. All of the articles in the most recent issue are put online by the time the next issue comes out. And we continue to post articles from back issues.

All articles can be easily read online or copied for printing or saving on a personal device. They can also be shared with friends and acquaintances by email or social media.

While we believe in the great importance of preserving and archiving printed material, we also consider it valuable to preserve the content in widely-accessible electronic form for current and future reference.

Reading past articles that challenge the plagues of domination and hierarchies in many areas of life may help to expand our capacity to imagine and create the new world we desire. We hope that the Fifth Estate Archive can contribute to this endeavor.

We invite you to access the archive for information, history, research, or just enjoyment to see what radical and anarchist opposition to the prevailing order looked like over the decades.

For instance, FE articles critiquing technology stretch back over 40 years. You can find them by typing “technology” in the search box.

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