New Magazines Against Civilization


Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

Backwoods, Spring 2019, offers readers a discourse on anti-civilization thought and “autochthonous anarchy.”

Comprised of several central essays, including an impassioned and scathing examination of the atheist-materialist worldview by Backwoods editor Bellamy Fitzpatrick in “What Does the World Desire?,” the 72-page journal presents both practical and theoretical considerations in a well designed format.

Benjamin Weiss informs us that the dominant design paradigm in permaculture is perhaps critically flawed. Included in the magazine is a robust series of correspondences from readers, as well as a detailed interview with one of the primary proponents of Vegan Anarcho-Primitivism, Layla AbdelRahim.

The interview is emblematic of what is best about Backwoods, impassioned dialogue about critical issues, always with an eye for implementation and with the goal of living outside and against civilization.

Order from Backwoods, POB 238, Poestenkill NY 12140, $10 each issue; $15 for year. Cash only.

Oak is a non-sectarian anarchist journal against civilization. Focusing on strategy, subsistence and living experience, Oak aims to capture the most important and vibrant tendencies towards a world (or worlds) free from civilization.

A bi-annual publication premiering in early 2020, its first issue will be “Perpetual Apocalypse.” Each print issue will also be curated in audiozine format. Oak encourages your communication, submissions and subscriptions.