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Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

Cover image, Issue 406, Spring 2020. Photo shows a boy blowing a ram's horn. Headline reads, "The Call for Justice."Welcome to our Spring 2020 edition. Its theme is Justice. Since the political state arose thousands of years ago and began replacing communal societies, justice has meant “Just Us.” That is, the construction of legal systems solely benefiting the top of the social pyramid designed to protect the property of the ruling class and to thwart attempts to alter the repressive power and wealth arrangements. Our writers look at the history of justice, how it is used for class rule, and what would be an equitable solution. We know it as anarchism.

Thanks To All Who Made This Issue Possible

This includes dozens of active participants who produced this issue including writers, artists, and photographers, but also those who did editing, designing, and proofreading. When we include subscribers, distributors (info shops, free distro, and bookstores), and readers, the numbers reach into the thousands.

About The Cover

Mapuche child blowing an animal horn in the Quilape Lopez community in Chile. Elders say youth are the future of the Mapuche as is the land. Quilape Lopez is re-occupying 1500 hectares of ancestral land. The Pinochet dictatorship took Mapuche land and gave it to forestry corporations for timber plantations. Photo: Orin Langelle, a photojournalist activist with Global Justice Ecology Project.