Coup des Lumières


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

a tree shivers shade

to protect the thief, the wolf

from the prying sun


it is no coincidence that

the gods of the forest

are the patrons


are the patrons of

witches, slaves, outcasts,

are the patrons of outlaws


for the earth was a sanctuary

before a mortar-mediated sky

imposed survival on the living


before dogma demanded

allegiance for safety;

a time before time


a time before parking structures

spewed their corpse breath

on the seething summer asphalt


a time before existence was mitigated

by screens, by the false illuminations

that prevent or pacify rest


for authentic sleep

would spawn snarling fangs

that respect no border


so fear not the wild wood,

the shadow, the other.

fear not the aid of criminals


embrace squatted sanctuary

and sip freely from any stream

not yet poisoned


be that not a possibility

strike down the polluter

and take his means to drink


have you noticed?

we speak our secrets

in the dark


have you noticed?

we only really begin

to dream without light

C.M. Wode is an anarchist pursuing anarchy. He can most often be found wandering about occupied Lenapehoking dreaming of a world apart from civilization. Contact him at cmwode – at – riseup – dot – net.