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Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

Cover image, Issue 407, Fall, 2020. Front and back page spread featuring a cartoon drawing. The front cover, in righthand portion of image, shows a ghostly gigantic hand gripping a slum apartment building, on the roof of which are seen residents throwing bricks to the street below. A sign reads, "Where We Live." Connected to the ghostly hand and extending left to the back-page portion of the image is a flow of spit emanating from the mouth of a Trump-like figure on the roof of a tall building. The building itself is depicted as surrounded by a large crowd in the streets below. Smoke and flames are visible in the distance.Welcome to our Fall 2020 edition. It immediately follows our Spring number, so you haven’t missed an issue. How glorious yet challenging when reality becomes so radical that it easily outstrips anything the printed word can provide. Still, we think the articles in this issue bring a unique perspective to the crises of race and pandemic the world faces. A great reckoning is at hand around the question of racial justice, while the Covid-19 virus raises the question of whether mass civilization can meet the existential challenge it poses. This is the time to advocate and act for what we need for justice and perhaps existence. The old ways spell only disaster.

Thanks To All Who Made This Issue Possible

As usual, this issue, in our 55th year of publication, could only have been accomplished with the dozens of people who cooperated at every level of creativity and production.

About The Cover

Seth Tobocman is a comic book artist whose work deals with radical political issues. He co- founded the magazine World War 3 Illustrated with Peter Kuper in 1979 and remains part of the editorial collective. He is author of several graphic books including You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, War in the Neighborhood, and The Face of Struggle. His images have been used as posters, murals, banners and tattoos by squatting, anti-globalization, anti-police brutality and antiwar movements.

Next Issue

Our Winter issue will be a special edition Fifth Estate, The Anarchist Review of Books, edited by friends and comrades in New York City. Details for submissions are on page 29 and on our web site.

Note To Subscribers

Please look at the number on your address label. It designates your expiration issue number. This is issue #407, so if it is that or lower, your subscription is expiring. We’re hoping this will generate self-resubscription and cut down on the mail notifications we need to send out.