Art in the Fifth Estate


Fifth Estate # 410, Fall, 2021

We welcome submissions of art and photography. Send high resolution images to The Fifth Estate is an all-volunteer project. Images that appear in our pages are separate statements on subjects addressed in articles.

P. 5 Paul Signac, “Portrait of M. Felix Feneon” 1890.

Feneon was a French art critic and anarchist who coined the term Neo-Impressionism. Signac also was an anarchist.

P. 8 “Gemini” 1938. Victor Brauner was a Romanian painter and sculptor of the surrealist movement.

P. 10 Hazel C. Cline is a surrealist working in Atlanta, Ga.

Her work is at

P. 13 Stephen Cline contributes art and essays to the Fifth Estate. He co-edits Peculiar Mormyrid and participates in a local surrealist group in Atlanta.

P. 14 Betty Brownlee is a realist painter who lives and works in Detroit. Her work is often inspired by images found in the news. A recurring theme is the condition of the female body. @bettybrownleepaintings

P. 19 Tyree Guyton created the Heidelberg Project, an outdoor art project in Detroit in 1986. It consists of several painted houses and creative use of the city’s detritus.

P. 20 Paul SouleRis is an artist and educator based in Providence, R.I. with a focus on queer methodologies and network culture.

P. 22 David Lester plays guitar in the Vancouver-based band, Mecca Normal, as well as a painter, graphic designer and publisher of several graphic novels.

P. 49 John Egner works in upstate New York where he paints and creates wooden constructions. He was a central figure during the 1960s and ’70s in Detroit’s Cass Corridor art movement.