Earth First! Journal

40th Anniversary Edition


Fifth Estate # 410, Fall, 2021

Wow! I thought, look at all that color! Can it really be the Earth First! Journal? They pulled out all the stops creating this collage of Earth First! art, poetry, history and personal reminiscences of radical eco-warriors over the past 40 years!

It’s been a long while since there’s been an issue of the Journal chronicling the actions and campaigns of what the powers-that-be love to label eco-terrorism, but so many others see simply as a fight to save life on Earth!

(Please excuse all the exclamation points. I guess I’ve been involved with Earth First! a looooong time, and we do like those!!!)

There’s so much to see and read in the Anniversary issue. Learn about the origins of the Earth First! movement in 1980 as written in early editions of the Journal, and as lived by long-time organizers Karen Pickett and Karen Coulter.

Hear eco-prisoner Marius Mason’s story of getting involved with the movement. Marius is currently an involuntary guest of the Feds, having served about 12 of his 22-year sentence for his actions in defense of the earth.

Read the rhymes, and not-rhymes of EF! poets Dennis Fritzinger, Matthew Haun and Slugthang (Andrew Rodman) among so many. There are reports about what a whole slew of EF! activists from over the years are doing now I especially enjoyed the interview with the Seeds of Peace kitchen collective expounding on the philosophy of “Eat First! Then Smash the State,” about feeding the activists who do the work.

And, perhaps as important as always, learn about the efforts of a small group of activists to bring the Earth First! Journal back to life and resume regular publication of the magazine of a radical environmental movement that’s needed now more than ever.

Bob Stern covered the environmental movement for more than 25 years as a reporter for Pacifica Radio.

Fifth Estate note: Like this publication, the EF! Journal depends upon subscribers and donors to remain in print.