I Stand for Anarchy


Fifth Estate # 410, Fall, 2021

Don’t stop me. I’m dreaming.

We’ve been through centuries of injustice.

Centuries of loneliness.

Not now—don’t stop me.

Now here forever and everywhere.

I’m dreaming of freedom.

Gorgeous unique anyone,

let’s restore harmony to the universe.

Let’s play. Knowledge is joy.

It’s not mandatory schoolwork—

I dream because I love you.

Big dreams of the sky, of

workers with their own factories

who contribute to the

global chocolate industry.

I dream because I KNOW and CAN.

Banks give birth to “robbers,”

prisons to “terrorists,”

loneliness to “misfits,”

products to “needs,”

borders to armies.

Ownership gives birth to all of it.

Violence gives birth to violence.

Don’t ask. Don’t stop me.

It’s on us now to make justice

the ultimate act.

Let’s make a poem from life.

Let’s make life an action.

That’s my dream and I can I can I can


Don’t stop my dreaming. Live.

I open my hands

to love to solidarity

to freedom.

24/7, from the very beginning,

I stand for ANARCHY.

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