Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Joseph Déjacque Bicentennial Conference is being held in recognition of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of this major nineteenth-century communist anarchist political theorist and visionary utopian writer. It is sponsored by La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology and Yes We Cannibal, with the support of the Anarchist Political Ecology Group and the Dialectical Social Ecology Group.

(Central Standard Time U.S.)
10:00 La Terre Institute (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Introductory Remarks
10:15 Ronald Creagh (Montpellier, France)
“Déjacque’s Place in the History of Anarchism”
11:00 Stephen Duplantier (San Ramón, Costa Rica)
“The Déjacque Event — An Orphic Reading of the Humanisphere as a Plasma Electromagnetic Cosmopolis”
11:45 Antony Martel (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
“Belonging to Each and All: Joseph Dejacque As Dao-Socialist”
12:30 Interlude with readings from Déjacque
1:15 Penelope Rosemont (Chicago, Illinois)
“A Surrealist Perspective, Exploration and Appreciation of the Life and Work of Joseph Déjacque”
2:00 Heather Luna (Bogotá, Colombia), Carrie Sanders (Northampton, UK) and Others
“Déclarez l’Humanité en danger”
2:45 Ben Blohowiak (Charlottesville, Virginia)
“Déjacque: Of and Ahead of his Time”
3:30 John Clark (New Orleans, Louisiana)
“Déjacque’s Dialectic of Reason, Passion, and Imagination”
4:15 Yes We Cannibal (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Closing Remarks
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