Mirror, mirror, on a different site

The Fifth Estate Archive


Fifth Estate # 413, Spring, 2023

Since 2013, the Fifth Estate Archive (fifthestate.org/archive) has been an online source for this magazine’s radical reporting, essays, and other texts published in our print edition for more than fifty-seven years. The archives contain 5,221 articles online to date, with more being added constantly.

We have worked hard to make the site user friendly and accessible to all visitors, including those who face challenges accessing print and the Web.

Several years ago, we contacted comrades at the Anarchist Libraries, an international platform for anarchist sites that focuses on publishing and archiving texts in many languages. They generously agreed to provide a second version of the Fifth Estate archive on their servers. You will find its main page at fifthestate.anarchistlibraries.net/special/index.

Besides acting as a security backup for our material (no trivial thing in these hackable times), the site offers some additional features. For example, it is possible to view the most recently added articles and to download articles in additional formats, such as .epub for viewing on mobile devices.

Thank you, thank you, comrades at Anarchist Libraries!