Read to Kill


Fifth Estate # 413, Spring, 2023

Based on contraband, based on stealing fire, based on the thrill of nothingness I could consider paying taxes if reading is all you want and maybe a little tidying up. But as it is each night a new piece of shit falls from the hole in the sky. The vast arms that encircle us with their discontinuities remain unable to reach me aside from the occasional caress.

Fragments of fragments, one must recreate oneself in the image of conscious activity. When I leave this town, I’m stealing your bike-rack and putting my broken one through your windshield. It’s like I told the cops, when I’m reading don’t fucking talk to me.

Tamas Panitz is the author of several books of poetry, and others, including Conversazione (interviews with Peter Lamborn Wilson) Autonomedia, 2022. He edits the journal NEW. His paintings and stray poems can be found on instagram, @tamaspanitz.