Isabelle Walks With Angels


Fifth Estate # 414, Fall 2023

a review of
Isabelle Walks With Angels: A Montreal Urban legend by Norman Nawrocki, Illustrated by Ivan R. Les Pages Noires, 2023

Norman Nawrocki’s novella is a beautifully illustrated story, allegory, or fable about a woman who had a home, but lost it. All her adult life there have been abusive men: lovers, landlords bosses, restaurant clients. She loses what little she has and is now living on the street, defending herself from predators the best she can. All the avenues have been closed, there’s only one left…jumping into the freezing waters of the Saint-Laurence Seaway from a high bridge.

Suddenly, saviors appear. But who are these saviors and what do they do? Are they real? The ambiguous ending makes the story very powerful.