Canadian Fuzz Bust UPS Papers


Fifth Estate # 42, November 15-30, 1967

The recent arrest of Andrew Mikolasch, editor of Toronto’s Underground Press Syndicate paper, Satyrday, has completed the cycle of busts on all of Canada’s U.P.S. papers. Earlier this year the Canadian Free Press from Ottowa and Georgia Straight from Vancouver were busted.

The police based the Satyrday arrest on an irate parent’s complaint about an article entitled “The way the platform is.” Mikolasch did not write the article himself but said: “It was a sort of satire on the music business and dealt with various sex practices, using honest words to describe them. You can pick up any book downtown using the same words, but they busted me.” He was released on personal bail.

Mikolasch plans to fight the obscenity charge and has enlisted the help of legal aid. After being sprung he ‘fuzzpurgated’ the ‘offending’ article, replacing all four letter words with the word ‘fuzz.’

Mikolasch has often angered police and other establishment heads with his articles. The busted issue also contained an article by Mikolasch dealing with police mentality and suggested armed resistance. He suspects that this was the real reason for the bust.

Sample copies of Satyrday may be obtained by writing Box 12, 340 Batherst St., Toronto, Ont., Canada.