Fifth Estate # 42, November 15-30, 1967


Dear Editor:

That g.d., m.f., c.s., s.o.b., J.L. Hudson is running for mayor.

F. Janorin

To the Groovy peoples of Detroit:

Love and flowers from a sleeping city.

I subscribed to your Oracle in August and took some issues with me to school in September. I have changed a lot of attitudes with the FIFTH ESTATE’s help.

Ah, yeah, I got stopped by the man one night for your aspirin high—they even analyzed it, then kicked me out in the street at 4 a.m.


Grand Rapids

Dear Editor,

Some time ago I purchased your newspaper. I have enjoyed and taken interest in it. The interview which was in FE #33, July 1-15, 1967 with George Harrison was quite interesting.

It helped me out with my Psychology report. I am now subscribing and know I’ll enjoy many more issues.


Marianne Sapanate
Staples High School

Dear Mr. Joyce

Not only is Mr. Haroldson wrong… he is a blithering ass!!!

BONNIE AND CLYDE [FE #40, October 15-31, 1967] may not be perfect, but it will do till another CITIZEN KANE comes along.

Dennis Raymond
Lincoln Park

Dear Sirs:

Forget it! Aspirin for headaches, not heads.

Being a natural-born dolt, I’ve been smoking that shit for the last three hours, and nothing! So if you have a couple of spare aspirin lying around, try washing them down with a Coke.

Bob Gerry

“To Editor with Love”

Big deal! So you had 200,000 people in Washington D.C. demonstrating for peace and the end of the war in Vietnam [FE #41, November 1-15, 1967]. From this you infer that all of the people, or the majority of the people in the US are sympathetic with your philosophy. Even if you had 40 million people sympathizing with you, you would still be in the minority. Thank God that in A Democracy the majority still rules. See you around next election.

To draft dodgers or burners and to those who want to legalize marajuana, dope, LSD. I say if you don’t like our laws, then go somewhere where you like the laws. To me this is the greatest country going, and we have the best standard of living comparatively speaking then any other country in the world.

Any rebuttal??


Tom Courtney


I believe your readers will be interested in learning that I am forming an organization called the Illegal Committee for the Beautification of Money (ICBM). The purpose of this Committee is to promote and encourage the beautification of U.S.-currency, by drawing flowers and writing anti-war slogans on all currency that passed through our hands.

I hope that your readers will take part in our campaign, and cover all the paper money that passes through their hands with flowers and anti-war slogans before they spend it. This thing could really spread.

King Kong