David Busted

Detroit has made history again.


Fifth Estate # 53, May 1-15, 1968

For the first time a presidential candidate has been busted for dealing grass.

On April 10, David Valler, the candidate who is known to his followers as simply “David” was arrested in his apartment at Third and Hancock by members of the Detroit Narcotics Bureau.

Leading the raid was none other than Det. Vaghan Kapegian, best known to readers as “Louie,” the undercover agent who infiltrated the Trans-Love commune and was responsible for the busting of 56 young dope smokers in January 1967. Included in these arrests was John Sinclair, head of Trans-Love, who now faces a 20 year minimum jail sentence because Kapegian claims Sinclair gave him two joints.

David spent three days in jail before Sinclair and Trans-Love could bail him out. He is charged with sales and possession of marijuana.

While in custody of Kepegian, David reported the following conversation with the famous dope fighter.

David: Why am I being arrested if I haven’t hurt anyone?

Kepegian: The Laws are there. Right or wrong isn’t the question. If you don’t like them it’s up to you to change them. Don’t break them. My job is to enforce the law and I only follow orders.

David: Sort of like the Germans at the ovens. They were following orders.

Kapegian: mumble

David says this inconvenience will not stop him from continuing his campaign for the presidency. “This incident stresses even more the need for my program,” he said.

His platform is based on the idea of bringing about his desire to serve all of mankind through a social and cultural revolution. He states it thusly, “I strive to bring individual freedom into the realm of reality. To return the right of government to the people. To halt murder on every level from capital punishment to Vietnam.

“We must redirect our economic system for the profit of all rather than the greedy individual.

“If we are to survive we must create a love consciousness that unites all minorities into one majority with the awareness of its ability to mold this society and world into any form we wish.”

David needs good luck both with his campaign and with Vaghan; wish it to him.