Lobsinger Busted


Fifth Estate # 54, May 16-31, 1968

Donald Lobsinger, head of the right-wing organization Breakthrough, was sentenced to two years probation and $208 court costs for disturbing the peace.

The charges stemmed from the January 20 appearance at Cobo Hall of Father James Groppi, the Milwaukee priest who led open housing marches in that city.

Lobsinger and two of his henchmen, Ed Kelly and Pat Tifer noisily disrupted the meeting at which the priest spoke for about ten minutes before being arrested by the Detroit Police.

Kelly and Tifer, who is head of a Breakthrough front group at Wayne University, were sentenced to one year probation and court costs.

Reaction on the left to the convictions was generally one of glee since many felt that the police and courts in the past had protected Breakthrough.

However, one member of a radical youth group disagreed, “Every one is real happy when the cops bust Lobsinger, but then are going to cry when they turn around and bust us. The cops are our enemy and there is no reason why they should have been called to Cobo Hall. If people can’t protect their meetings themselves, then they shouldn’t have them.”

Lobsinger also faces sentencing on a recent conviction for assault on a cop at the 1967 St. Patrick’s day parade.