Metro Flicks


Fifth Estate # 54, May 16-31, 1968

The Metro, Detroit’s city-wide college paper, will be showing the 1965 and 1966 winners of the National Student Association Film Festival. No CIA agents will be present.

The films will be shown at the Detroit Institute of Arts with the 1965 winners being shown at 7:15 and the 1966 ones at 9:30 p.m. Admission will be $1.50 for each showing.

Mike Kerman, who is putting the show together for the Metro, said of the coming program, “Student film making in the U.S. is in an unusual position.

“It is neither underground nor overground. The films usually lack the super-slick Hollywood style, but neither are they sloppy or amateurish.

“The NSA samplings are polished and creative works by artists who have achieved both technical competence combined with fertile imagination.”

The 1965 films include “Goldwater a Go Go,” “Claude,” “Tilt,” and “Hotdogger.”

The 1966 films are “Match Girl” with Andy Warhol, “Lost in Cuddily,” “Riff ’65,” and “The Season.”

Also, in all showings a short by the Doors, “The Unknown Soldier” will be shown.