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National campus presidential primary


Fifth Estate # 54, May 16-31, 1968

WASHINGTON (CPS)—College students voted for Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-Minn.) and an end to the war in Vietnam in Choice 1968, the national campus presidential primary held April 24.

McCarthy polled 26.7 per cent of the almost 1.2 million votes cast, followed by Sen. Robert Kennedy (D-N.Y.) with 19.9 per cent and Republican Richard Nixon with 18.4 per cent.

A combined 62.6 per cent of the students voted for either an immediate withdrawal of American troops or a reduction in American military involvement in Vietnam against 30 percent who voted for either increased or all – out military effort. Some 58 per cent votes for either a permanent or temporary halt to all bombing.

And 79 per cent votes for either job training or education as solutions to the urban crisis.

Following is a breakdown of the results, with about 90 per cent of the vote in:

For President

Eugene McCarthy (D)
Votes 285,988
% of Total 26.7

Robert Kennedy (D)
Votes 213,832
% of Total 19.9

Richard Nixon (R)
Votes 197,167
% of Total 18.4

Nelson Rockefeller (R)
Votes 115,937
% of Total 10.8

Lyndon Johnson (D)
Votes 57,362
% of Total 5.3

George Wallace (Amer. Ind.)
Votes 33,078
% of Total 3.0

Ronald Reagan (R)
Votes 28,215
% of Total 2.6

John Lindsay (R)
Votes 22,301
% of Total 2.2

Hubert Humphrey (D, write-in)
Votes 18,535
% of Total 1.7

Charles Percy (R)
Votes 15,184
% of Total 1.4

Mark Hatfield (R)
Votes 7,605
% of Total 0.7

Fred Halstead (Soc. Work.)
Votes 5,886
% of Total 0.5

Martin Luther King (Ind.)
Votes 3,538
% of Total 0.3

Harold Stassen (R)
Votes 1,033
% of Total 0.1