Detroit Resist Backs Dr. Spock


Fifth Estate # 55, June 4-18, 1968

Seventy-five persons picketed the Federal Building in downtown Detroit May 20 to protest the trial in Boston of Dr. Benjamin Spock and four others for conspiracy to violate the draft laws. The demonstration was sponsored by Detroit Area Resist.

A delegation from the group made up of the Rev. Robert Morrison, Fr. Carter Partee, Catherine Zimmerman, Ronald Halstead, and Mary Ravitz entered the building on Fort St. and visited Federal District Attorney Lawrence Gubow.

“We told him that we had 300 complicity signed statements that say the signer advocates the same thing Dr. Spock is accused of and we will deliver these statements to him whenever he chooses,” said Rev. Morrison. Gubow’s answer amounted to nothing.

Spock, and his co-defendants, Rev. William Sloan Coffin, Yale Chaplin, Mitchell Goodman, Michael Ferber, and Marcus Raskin began their trial the same day. The results were not in by Fifth Estate press time.