Trans-Love Moves


Fifth Estate # 55, June 4-18, 1968

The Trans-Love Energies commune of Detroit, including the MC5 and the Trans-Love Light Company, have left the city of Detroit for good, to settle in Ann Arbor, that green and airy town some 45 miles west of Detroit.

The new address for Trans-Love and affiliates (including the Artists’ Workshop Press, LEMAR, Trans-Love Poster Company, and the Sun) is:

Trans-Love Energies
1510 Hill
Ann Arbor; Michigan 48104
Telephone: (313) 769-2017

The 20-room mansion has 16 Trans-lovers living there also contains offices for Trans-Love Productions, LEMAR, the Artists’ Workshop Press, and the SUN, which will probably emerge as a free mimeographed newssheet in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

The move followed a number of major decisions by the Trans-Love people and city officials, who denied the tribe permission to continue living in their quarters at 499 West Forest, a former clinic.

This ridiculous edict, combined with another fire-bombing of the now-defunct Trans-Love candleworks, the early April curfew imposed on the city after the assassination of Dr. King and the growing insanity of the Detroit Pig Department, brought the Trans-Love people to their senses and made them see that the city is entirely uninhabitable for freeks this summer.

John Sinclair; the tribe’s chief spokesman, is convinced that the city of Detroit will be burned to the ground this summer despite attempts of the police to stop it with daily curfews and constant harassment of the city’s citizens.

“We committed ourselves to the city of Detroit four years ago,” Sinclair says, “and I feel that we honored that commitment as long as we possibly could. But the police-state atmosphere and the increasing dirt and ugliness of American industry in Detroit finally made us leave. We’ll still be doing the same work but in a little more livable environment.”