Fifth Estate # 58, July 18-31, 1968

Pun Plamondon is still in jail in Traverse City in lieu of $20,000 bond. We haven’t been able to get an attorney to work for him for free, and we can’t possibly get the bond up. If there are any attorneys out there who are interested in working on this or similar cases out of the goodness of their stoned little hearts, please contact us at Trans-Love, 769-2017 in Ann Arbor or through the Fifth Estate office in Detroit. Also, any donations to the Trans-Love Defense Fund can be sent to 1510 Hill Street, Ann Arbor 48104.

In the Plamondon case, Pun has been locked up a month at this time and still has had no evidence offered in support of the charges against him. At his scheduled examination the prosecutor asked for an extension of the statutory 10-day period between arraignment and examination because his “star witness” was out of state and because the alleged evidence was still (after 9 days!) being examined at the state narcotics lab.

The delay was granted by Justice of the Peace Schuman, who then warned Pun that he’d probably stay in jail until September for sure unless he waived examination. Pun was also told by the pig Schuman that the only way he could get a court-appointed attorney was by waiving examination. Schuman continued the $20,000 bond and Pun was sent back to his cell.

Last week two of the other suspects, Dennis and Sharon Stratton, who were charged with possession of marijuana in their home and who have been held in the Grand Traverse County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond apiece on the possession charge. The Strattons are the parents of a 2-month old daughter, who was seized from them a month ago when they were locked up on the phony dope charges.

Apparently, from Pun’s report in a letter to his wife, the Strattons both pleaded guilty on the possession charges and were then released on bon until sentencing. Sharon Stratton was released on personal bond, and Dennis Stratton on $2500 bond, which makes it easy to see why we call Pun’s bond “ransom.” The pigs are using every’ vile and inhuman tactic they can think of to keep him locked up.

Death to pigs who deny justice to innocent dope-smokers!