Trans-Love Offers Services


Fifth Estate # 58, July 18-31, 1968

The Trans-Love Energies commune is now offering three new services in which you may be interested:

Dave Sinclair, manager of the UP and now resident at 1520 Hill Street in Ann Arbor, next door to the MC5-Trans-Love house, is now taking orders for custom-built speaker cabinets for guitar and p.a. amplifiers and for hi-fi and stereo sets. He will build what you need at a wholly reasonable rate. For example, a new SUNN speaker cabinet for a 200S bass amp would cost you $330 list (without speakers); Dave can do it for under $100. His cabinets are endorsed by the MC5 and the UP—these bands play and praise them.

Robin Sommers, artist-in-residence at Trans-Love, will decorate your guitars or other instruments in the latest nifty designs. He will do this for a modest fee or you can probably trade him some dope and he won’t mind.

The Trans-Love light company is now available for bookings at clubs, parties, and other musical events. Their light show has been at the Grande Ballroom for over 6 months but can’t take it any more on a regular basis. Again, the rates are reasonable and worth it. You can also reach Jerry Younkin’s Magic Veil Light Co., a real psychedelic treat, through Trans-Love.

Call (313) 769-2017 or write to Trans-Love Energies, 1510 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 for more information.