Dope victims benefit


Fifth Estate # 59, August 1-14, 1968

Local folk singers David and Roselyn are the focal point of a campaign to raise $6,000 by August 15. David and Roselyn, who provided the music for Tom and Kate’s wedding and played at their reception (see last issue, FE #58, July 18-31, 1968) were from Houston, Texas. The trial for the inter-racial couple will be in Houston on August 16, and they are without money for a lawyer.

Members of their commune, the Lion’s Den, may soon be selling raffle tickets, with a color TV as first prize and “Lucille”, as a bonus prize. Proceeds from the commune’s black 1949 Chevy, will go to the Lion’s Den, whose members are trying to keep David and Roselyn home and free.

The Back and Back Boo Funny Music Band, Big Artie Dunn, and David and Roselyn will provide electric blues, and folk and blues at the Church of the Detroit Society for Experimental Arts, corner of Fifth and Plum Street Sunday, August 4, from 7 pm until later. Donations will go to David and Roselyn, who wish to be free from the mercy of the Texas judicial system.