Underground Incorporated


Fifth Estate # 59, August 1-14, 1968

New York, July 23 (LNS)—Former Supreme Court Justice and UN lackey Arthur Goldberg will defend Rev. William Sloane Coffin in the upcoming appeal of his two-year draft conspiracy conviction. Radio Station WBAI said that Goldberg left them with the impression that he would soon issue a statement on why he left the UN and why he decided to take up Coffin’s defense.

The establishment press, most notably the New York Times which literally thrives on Supreme Court Justices, has treated Goldberg’s decision with haughty silence. Perhaps they are embarrassed.

New York, July 9 (LNS)—Three irate motorists driving through rush-hour traffic in the Bronx became involved in a shoot-out that left one of them dead and one wounded. They were all cops.

Patrolman John Dalton’s automobile stalled on the Cross Bronx Expressway and Probationary Patrolman Nicolo Danisi left his car to investigate. Both were in civilian clothes. An argument ensued and a third cop, Detective Frederick Gibson, also in civilian clothes, joined in. Soon all three were shooting at each other; Danisi was killed and Dalton wounded.

Washington, July 23 (LNS)—The House of Representatives has passed legislation to make trafficking in LSD a federal offense. Users can get one year’s imprisonment and a $1,000 fine for first offense, three years and $10,000 for repeat performances.

Penalty for sale of acid and other hallucinogens, for depressants and other stimulants (such as pep pills) goes to five years and $10,000 when involved with adults, 10 years and $15,000 when dealing with minors and 15 years and $20,000 for repeats.

A rider allows judges to give probation and wipe the record clean for first offenders who live out a promise to be good. The bill passed 320 to 2.

New York, July 26, (LNS)—The offices of Grove Press in lower Manhattan were blown up yesterday, most likely by right wing Cuban refugees. The New York Post and other New York papers have documented the claims of many refugees that it was they who did the bombing, this one, the most recent of a long series, occurring on the anniversary of the attack on the Moncada barracks by Castroite revolutionaries. The other bombings have victimized nine tourist agencies of western countries which trade with Cuba.

Grove Press recently published the Bolivian notebooks of Che Guevara.

New York (LNS)—Six trainees at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, have perished of heat exhaustion and a seventh has committed suicide, according to Pvt. David Ort of the American Servicemen’s Union. The Bond, a New York GI newspaper, has also received letters from two soldiers at Fort Campbell complaining of brutality. Another trainee at the base reported that 90 trainees were jammed into a thirty-five-foot semi trailer. The temperature inside was 130 degrees. When it reached its destination many of the passengers were unloaded into ambulances.