Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 60, August 15-September 4, 1968

We are initiating this column as a means of communicating with the Fifth Estate readership. We hope to be able to give you periodic progress reports, answer your questions about the paper, and hopefully give you the feeling that there are real live people behind the newsprint and ink.

Although our Detroit circulation is increasing, distribution still remains our major problem. We feel our circulation could double if a method could be devised to get our paper close to the potential buyers. Any suggestions?

There is some talk of setting up an underground distribution company that would handle our paper, several out-of town papers and locally produced crafts. This could work if developed properly.

In the meantime we have to go with our old methods. If you want to sell the paper come to our office or to the Skin Shop on Plum Street and pick up papers. If you have a favorite bookstore or magazine shop ask them if they would like to carry the paper.

Some subscribers have been complaining about late delivery of their paper and we can sympathize with this. Mailing has top priority as soon as it comes back from the printer. After that it’s up to the Post Office. We are working on getting a mailing permit that would expedite delivery. More on that as it happens.

We hope you have been able to catch the fifth Estate news broadcasts on WABX-FM (99.5). We think it’s been working out pretty well and giving us a chance to reach more and more people with underground news. The news show is on at 4:40 am and pm; at 9:40 pm and at one other time as yet undetermined by us.

Also listen to “Up Against The Wall” on ABX at 11:00 pm on Sundays. We play the music ABX most often ignores.

Last and least is an apology for our printing error in the last issue. The places where photos obliterated the copy were not an innovation on our part. The printer misunderstood our directions and printed them so that the copy beneath was unreadable. Sorry.

Any questions, criticisms, or suggestions should be sent to Editors’ Notes, The Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren, Detroit 48201. We will either answer them in this column or print them in the Letters column.